Kult Fashion is a leading Ladies Fashion Footwear company that has been established for over 10 years. We offer a great range of the highest quality fashion shoes and boots, supplying retailers all over the UK and Europe.

Our Brands are No Doubt Shoes, Milli Shoes and Publicite Shoes

No Doubt shoes is a collection of casual yet fashionable on-trend shoes that are young, fresh and innovative in design. No Doubt Footwear remains at the cutting edge of casual fashion and this year celebrates 10 years as our flagship brand.

Publicite Shoes is a collection of smart and chic shoes that demonstrate the beauty of classic styling with a modern edge. Publicite Footwear caters for fast moving trends and is our high fashion range.

Finally, we have Milli Shoes. Milli footwear is a collection of elegant and dressy shoes that are striking in design and great for special occasions. Perfect if you want to add a little glamour.

Our business offers customers the latest trends, competitive pricing and an unrivalled range.

Our clientele varies from small to large independent retailers, national chain stores and businesses across Europe.